35 Years and 7 nights a week…the Black Rose is one of the only venues in Boston where you are guaranteed to see live entertainment every evening.

Some of the city’s most talented local artists hit the stages (Main stage downstairs and another feature stage in our upstairs lounge) every evening to create a true Irish Pub experience. Memorable guests on stage have included members of the Chieftains, flutist James Galway, Tommy Makem, Liam Clancy, John Denver and a once relatively unknown member of an Irish rock group called U2.

Whether they are famous, on their way to being famous or just famous locally – our entertainers always have the crowds tapping their feet, singing along and occassionaly breaking out into a ‘jig’.

For a schedule of upcoming artists and bands place your cursor over the entertainment tab above and select ‘schedule’ from the drop town menu.

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